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Training for High-Impact Coaching Culture

Leaders and HR Professionals who are trained coaches are today’s secret weapon for corporate success and competitive excellence. According to Birkman International’s landmark study The New Reality, “Leadership development, finding talent, employee development, and employee retention rank highest in terms of the people-related needs of organizations.”

Birkman’s Mark Wickliffe further reports in Preparing for the Coming Talent Storm:  “As the economy continues to improve career opportunities will grow with it. Retaining productive employees, who may be disengaged, becomes the priority. Talented employees are essential to a company’s success. When they leave so goes their intellectual capital, relationships, and often the momentum of projects they are involved with. Added to this, you have costs associated with recruiting and training new employees and in decreased production as less experienced employees get up to speed.” Source: Talent Strategy, 2011, Birkman International & Stanton Chase International

Become a Secret Weapon

In a comprehensive study conducted by the Human Capital Institute, “Increasingly, organizations are utilizing managers and leaders who use coaching knowledge, approaches and skills to create awareness and support behavior change. Organizations with strong coaching cultures value and invest in professional coach practitioners and managers/leaders using coaching skills in order to support employees at all levels in growing their skills, enhancing their value and reaching their professional goals.” Source: HCI Research Report, Building a Coaching Culture with Managers and Leaders, September 21, 2016.

And then there’s the comprehensive research conducted by Google called “Project Oxygen.” The goal was to identify specific behaviors consistent among their most successful leaders. The Project Oxygen team spent one year data-mining performance appraisals, employee surveys, nominations for top manager awards and other sources. The result was more than 10,000 observations of manager behaviors. The research team complemented the quantitative data with qualitative information from interviews which were coded using standard behavioral science methodologies. Their initial report, published in 2011, identified 8 behaviors of their top managers—the number 1 attribute was “is a good coach.” The research, updated in 2018, affirmed that being a good coach remained the top quality of their best leaders. We believe the next two qualities are also significantly enhanced by having leader coaches: 2. Empower teams, 3. Create an inclusive team environment, be concerned for employees’ success and well-being.

Finally, as we tackle a plethora of workplace challenges such as talent shortages, the Great Resignation, “quitting in place,” and seismic generational shifts, leaders have to be more adept at taking care of their people. According to a spot-on Harvard Business Review article “Leaders Need Professional Coaching Now More than Ever” (March 2, 2021), “Professional coaching provides a long-term solution to lessening increasing pressures and growing uncertainty. . . . Today’s tumultuous times magnify opportunities to be proactive, discover alternate possibilities, and create an innovative ethos that looks for new solutions that resist the status quo.”

According to a May 12, 2022 article in Human Resource Executive, “Given that two-thirds of employees are likely to job-hunt in 2022, most organizations are thinking more deeply about how to engage and retain existing employees. Between the ongoing pandemic, a worsening labor shortage and a workforce on the edge of burnout, there is a massive need to focus on retention and providing employees with support and recognition.” That’s where training Leader Coaches come in.


Professional Coach Training Bridges the Gap

In a study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity commissioned by the American Management Association, “coaching is recognized as an integral element in leadership development”. The study also reported that external training seems to work best. Externally based methods of providing training on coaching are most strongly correlated with overall coaching success. Source: Coaching—A Global Study of Best Practices, AMA, 2008.

Our team has been providing professional coach training since 2005, and all our programs are ICF-Accredited. Our programs are unique. They are shaped by a deep understanding of expert globally recognized coaching standards (ICF Competencies), real leadership challenges and responsibilities, and the science-based tools and methodologies that come from Neurolinguistics Programming (human performance excellence, communication principles, and natural human motivation) and Neuroscience (how the brain works and how to make change successfully). Our training is guided by the philosophy that by understanding how the mind works, how to achieve precise communication, and how top performance can be modeled, a coach can quickly and effectively facilitate discovery and growth.

Coaching Fundamentals

A powerful basic introduction to coaching is provided in this interactive training program conducted in 4 – 6 half-days (18 – 26 total training hours including pre-work and interim assignments). The program covers fundamental coaching competencies, key coaching principles, giving feedback in a coach-like manner, deep listening skills, coaching ethics and confidentiality in a corporate setting, and lots of supervised coaching practice ranging from particular skills exercises to a final coaching session using volunteer clients.


Certified Leader Coach Training

This program consists of 35 – 55 hours (four to six days) of ICF-Accredited Training delivered in 3.5-hour modules and scheduled to maximize participation. Spreading out the sessions over 2-3 months allows the participants to complete more meaningful class assignments and practice coaching between sessions. With the successful completion of this Certified Leader Coach Training program, participants will earn our Certified Leader Coach (CLC) credential. Individual Mentor Coaching or Group Mentor Coaching can be added if desired.

Comprehensive Expert Leader Coach Training

The most rigorous and comprehensive program is our Comprehensive Leader Coach Training. This ICF-Accredited program satisfies all the training requirements for ICF’s Level 1 professional certification (Associate Certified Coach or ACC). This program consists of 70 – 75 hours of ICF-Accredited training that can be scheduled over 2 – 3 months depending on participant availability. Class assignments and practice coaching are expected to be completed between sessions. The final module includes a unique and popular practice coaching exercise with volunteer clients.

Join the Next Generation of Coaches!

Our Coach Training Programs are Flexible and Customizable.

We have a variety of coach training programs that address different levels of intensity and sophistication of the coaching skills desired. All of our programs can be tailored and customized so that we provide a well-integrated approach that incorporates existing training programs, relevant HR processes and cycles, and internal tools, assessments, or instruments commonly used within the company. There is some level of pre-work with each class. We believe this accelerates learning, adds considerable depth and value to the experience, and uses classroom time most efficiently.

Our training can be delivered on-site, in-person or virtually, and includes supervised practice coaching activities at every level. We require a minimum class of 8 and a maximum of 24. We can customize all of our programs to incorporate your company priorities, industry nuances, assessment tools, existing programs, and other learning objectives. And we believe we are significantly more flexible and affordable that any comparable quality program on the market.


Mentor Coaching Can Be Valuable

We believe mentor coaching sessions are extremely valuable, even if they weren’t required for ICF certification (see below). Mentor coaching offers essential reinforcement of the skills learned. Plus the personal attention and safe coaching environment accelerates confidence and produces a higher level of coaching competence. We can design any of our programs to include both individual and group mentor coaching sessions for the most cost-effective approach and lasting impact.

Experience, Credentials, and Heart Distinguish Every Member of This Faculty.

Our Coach Training Faculty has deep corporate experience, top-notch professional qualifications, and a sincere desire to infuse coaching throughout large organizations. See our faculty.

Ready to begin?

If you’d like to get down to brass tacks and learn more about how to introduce Coach Approach to Leadership to your organization, let us know. We would be happy to review all your many options and discuss what would work best for your organization’s learning and development needs in this area.

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