I can’t thank you enough for your excellent training program which has been such a tremendous foundation on which I am building my new career.  The quality of the 8-day in person training program was truly remarkable.  It was by far the best training I have ever taken in my life!  And that is high praise from me – an adult educator. The quality of the learning materials, the interactive exercises that really helped build the skills and develop new and meaningful relationships with other learners, the flow of the material, the high quality of facilitation, the vast experience that [the faculty] brought in the learning environment all added up to an amazing learning experience!  There isn’t one thing that I would have changed about the entire experience.  And then to top it off you include Group and One-to-One mentor coaching in the price of the training.  I am still astounded by how supportive you are and how easy you make it to become a coach.  I feel truly blessed to have stumbled upon your training.

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